What is Hybrid Drying Technology?

Hybrid Drying Technology is unique drying technology that combines Far Infrared Radiation and Hot Air. It can be realized highly efficient drying compared with conventional drying method.

By giving hot air and Far Infrared Radiation to object at same time, curing of objects such as paints and inks are accelerated rapidly. As a result, drying time can be shortened dramatically.

Advantage of Hybrid Drying Technology

Hybrid Drying Technology can realize high efficiency drying compared with existing conventional oven. That is, drying time can be shortened dramatically, to save energy cost and to save space requirement..

Character of Hybrid Drying Technology

1.Shorten drying time
2.Minimize space requirement
3.Save energy

Merit of using Hybrid Drying Technology

Hybrid Drying Technology bring also following advantage.

  • Bubbling of surface is suppressed during drying process.
  • Contamination problem can be minimized due to short drying time
  • It can be corresponded Thick thickness
  • It can be corresponded water-based paints or inks and powder coating
  • It can be corresponded any materials such as metal material, glass material, rubber material

Mechanism of Hybrid Drying Technology

Mechanism of Hot Air Curing

Heated air contacts surface and is heated from outside to inside

Mechanism of FIR Curing

Heated from inside by Far infrared ray which is a kind of electromagnetic wave emitted

Principle of electromagnetic wave curing: A molecule absorbs electromagnetic wave and molecular vibration is started. Consequently, heat is generated by vibration and then, it is heated from inside of object. (ex. Microwave)

Mechanism of Hybrid Drying Technology

Curing process is carried out as following.


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